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Looking for the best robot lawn mower NZ has to offer? Look no further. RoboMow carries several robot lawnmowers that are of the highest quality. Our robotic lawn mower are autonomous, efficient, and smart. Not only do we boast to have New Zealand’s most powerful robot mowers, but the build quality is unbelievable. Book a demo today to see for yourself.

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How It Works

Robot Lawn Mower Features

Curious about how our robotic lawn mowers work? We've got you covered. Take a look at some of our most common features below. These are only a few of the features our robot lawn mowers have. For the full list of specifications and features, be sure to check our product page for more information.

Simple & Eco-Friendly

One of the biggest perks to our products is the energy savings. Our robot lawn mowers save a significant amount of energy consumption over traditional petrol lawnmowers. Additionally, because they're electric, there is no worry about exhaust.

High Performance

RoboMow provides the highest performing robotic lawn mowers NZ residents can count on for efficient and powerful performance. Our robotic lawnmowers can handle just about any terrain without skipping a beat.

Smart & User-Friendly

Set it and forget it. Why navigate the garden yourself when you can let your Robot Lawn mower do all the work? All of our robots come with a user-friendly app for control, and know their boundaries, and can even recharge themselves.

Works In The Rain

No need to worry about short-circuiting. Our lawn mower robot can handle several different weather conditions, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your investment can endure even the harshest of weather and climate.

Advanced Navigation

No need to worry about your robotic lawn mower when it's in the yard. These automatic lawn mowers  have a keen sense of direction and can effectively navigate gardens of all sizes, avoiding obstacles and objects safely, while still providing a top-quality mow.


Say goodbye to loud engines in the garden. RoboMow's robotic lawn mowers are noiseless and virtually silent. This opens several options to when you can mow the lawn. Say goodbye to disturbances and time-constraints.

autonomous & Efficient

Why bother mowing the lawn when you can let your robot do it for you? When you need a robotic lawn mower to handle the yard work, you can count on RoboMow's line of smart, hands-off mowers to get the job done right. Power it up and let it get to work.

Mows Uneven Lawn

Whether you have uneven lawn or varying levels and degrees of terrain, our robotic lawn mowers can still get the job done. Each of our robots is designed to handle varying landscapes, weather conditions, and levels of lawn.


The companion device for your Ambrogio

AMICO is the ZCS technology that ensures the safe operation of Ambrogio robots near animals wearing an AMICO, automatically
shutting down the blade


Ambrogio robot speaks the language of the future!

The models equipped with ZCS Connect are able to communicate with the most popular voice assistants (Siri, Google Home, Alexa). 


The innovative navigation system

The innovative navigation system that allows several robots to simultaneously manage a single area, in a smart and integrated way.

Why Choose Us?

The Robotic Lawn Mower NZ Residents Love

If you've ever wondered where you can find a robotic lawn mower NZ residents can depend on for autonomous lawn cutting, you're in luck. RoboMow provides the best quality robotic lawn mower NZ has to offer. So what makes us the best choice for handling your robot lawn mower installation and setup? It's simple: quality  and service.

RoboMow takes pride in providing robot lawn mowers of the highest grade. That means we only offer robot lawn mowers that are of superior build quality and precision. Additionally, we're here to hep guide you through every step of the process, from finding the right robot lawn mower model to demonstrating how to properly use it.

If you're tired of spending hours of your time cutting your lawn, we're here to help with our line of robot lawn mowers. Get started today by reaching out and contacting us. We'll make sure it's the best decision you've made. Guaranteed.

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Robot Lawn Mower Experts
RoboMow knows all of our robotic lawn mowers inside and out. Additionally, we're robot lawn mower installation experts, which means you can count on your robot to work flawlessly, time and time again.

We Help You Save Time
Why bother spending countless hours of your life cutting grass? Our robot lawn mowers handle it all for you, allowing you to get back to spending time doing what's important to you.

Superior Quality & Efficiency
All of our robot lawn mowers are of the highest standard. Each one is smart, versatile, and autonomous. It's like having a gardener on hand without paying a monthly service fee.

Unbeatable Customer Support
We love our customers. Don't expect us to show up, hand you an owner's manual and call it a day. We'll guide you through the entire process as we install your robot's boundary, help you configure your robot, and help you afterward with questions you may have.

About RoboMow

Robotic Lawn Mower NZ

Ditch the traditional petrol-powered lawnmower and start saving time and money today. RoboMow provides high-quality Robotic Lawnmowers NZ residents rely on for precision cutting for a fraction of the effort. We all know how time-consuming a mow can be. Whether you've got a large yard or a small garden, the effort alone is enough to make you dread the task. We're here to help improve your quality of life.

Every RoboMow robotic lawn mower is autonomous, efficient, and smart. Not only do we boast to have New Zealand’s most powerful robot mowers, but the build quality is unbelievable. See for yourself how they compare with our competitors.

What more could you ask for? If you're ready to have a robot lawn mower that does all the hard work for you, get in touch with us for an expert installation quote.

robot lawn mowers in new zealand
Got Questions?

Robot Lawn Mower FAQ

If you've ever thought about purchasing a robot lawn mower, you've undoubtedly had a question or two. No worries - we're here to help. As the robotic lawn mower NZ experts, we've had just about every question imaginable. Feel free to take some time to read through our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your specific question here, be sure to check out our robotic lawn mower faq page.

How do robot lawn mowers work?

RoboMow's robotic lawnmowers cut grass autonomously and automatically. The mowers do not require your assistance to get the job done. Every day, your robot lawnmower cuts a few millimeters of grass and leaves the clippings on the ground, which helps naturally fertilize your lawn. Each of our models works according to programmed work intervals and alternates cutting cycles with recharging.

Can robotic lawn mowers recharge themselves?

Yes! Our robotic lawnmowers give a warning when the batteries are low, and will autonomously return to their charging station for a re-charge. There's no need to track it down and do it manually.

How are robot lawn mowers installed?

Our robot lawnmowers work in designated areas marked by a boundary wire, which is positioned around the edge of your garden or yard. The wire is attached to the ground using plastic fixing nails, or it can be buried for a true hidden installation. Both ends of the wire are connected to the charging base, which is connected to a power outlet.

Do robotic lawn mowers work in all weather conditions?

Yes. RoboMow Robot Lawnmowers are designed to work at an ambient temperature from -10 to + 50°C. Thankfully, this range is much wider than the growth rate of grass.

How much power do robotic lawn mowers consume?

The monthly power consumption of our Robot Lawnmowers is significantly less than that of a traditional petrol-fueled lawn mower. For a medium-sized lawn, the electricity costs of one of our Robots is just over $1.70 per month. This allows you to save money while you save time!

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