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Have questions about our New Zealand robot lawnmowers? No problem. RoboMow has heard just about every question imaginable when it comes to robotic lawnmowers. Take some time to read through our most frequently asked questions. If you have a specific question that you don't see answered here, you're more than welcome to contact us directly for an answer. 

How do Robot Lawnmowers work?
RoboMow's robotic lawnmowers cut grass autonomously and automatically. The mowers do not require your assistance to get the job done. Every day, your robot lawnmower cuts a few millimeters of grass and leaves the clippings on the ground, which helps naturally fertilize your lawn. Each of our models works according to programmed work intervals and alternates cutting cycles with recharging.
Can RoboMow Lawnmowers recharge themselves?
Yes! Our robotic lawnmowers give a warning when the batteries are low, and will autonomously return to their charging station for a re-charge. There's no need to track it down and do it manually.
Do I need to collect the grass after the Robot has cut it?
No. It's not necessary to collect or dispose of grass clippings that your robot lawnmower has left behind. The clippings that are left behind by the robot act as a natural fertilizer for your lawn, keeping it healthy and vibrant.
How are RoboMow Robot Lawnmowers installed?
Our robot lawnmowers work in designated areas marked by a boundary wire, which is positioned around the edge of your garden or yard. The wire is attached to the ground using plastic fixing nails, or it can be buried for a true hidden installation. Both ends of the wire are connected to the charging base, which is connected to a power outlet.
Can RoboMow robots work in all weather conditions?
Yes. RoboMow Robot Lawnmowers are designed to work at an ambient temperature from -10 to + 50°C. Thankfully, this range is much wider than the growth rate of grass. 
Can Your Robot Lawnmowers work in the rain?
Yes - of course. RoboMow's Robot Lawnmowers can cut grass in rainy weather. However, to prevent them from getting too dirty, we recommend activating the rain sensors because cutting wet grass may damage your lawn. Once the rain sensor is activated, your Robot will return to its recharging base and will await the next work cycle. More details are available in your Robot's manual in the section entitled "Settings - Programming Mode".
Can RoboMow Robots recognise trees, low bushes and flower beds in my garden?
Yes, but not out-of-the-box. If there are any objects you do not want your robot to collide with, they must be surrounded by boundary wire. RoboMow Robots will move to the edge of the wire and then proceed in a different direction.
Can the Robot recognise benches, deckchairs or other objects on the grass?
Yes, so long as the objects are over 10cm high. RoboMow Robots will approach and gently touch and obstacle in order to cut the grass around it. Afterward, the Robot will proceed to cut in a different direction. Additionally, the Robot Lawnmower will not damage any of your property, nor can it be damaged itself.
How much power does RoboMow Robots consume?
The monthly power consumption of our Robot Lawnmowers is significantly less than that of a traditional petrol-fueled lawn mower. For a medium-sized lawn, the electricity costs of one of our Robots is just over $1.70 per month. This allows you to save money while you save time!
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