So, you’re in the market for a mower and you’re wondering which is going to be the best for you. You’ve landed on the right page cause we’re going to go in depth to review two giants of the global market.

Before we get started, please be aware that we are Ambrogio dealers. I will try to stay as neutral as possible and try to give as fare a comparison as possible. If I have in anyway misrepresented anything, please reach out so that I can rectify it.

I would also like to credit The Robot Mower for a lot of the content used.


Other than having several models to choose from, there are also several makes of robot mowers. During our research, we decided to compare the Ambrogio (Italian based) with Husqvarna (Swedish based). Ambrogio & Husqvarna are two of the largest manufacturers. For reference, Ambrogio was established in 2002, whereas Husqvarna was a little earlier to the market, being founded about 5 years prior. However, bear in mind that most of the advancements in technology with both companies have come within the last five years.

So if you've ever wondered, "what's better - Husqvarna or Ambrogio robot lawn mower?" we've got some good news: we did an in-depth comparison to help you. Without further ado, let's get started.

Key Differences

For simplicity, this comparison will be broken into four chapters that most users and prospective buyers will find important. Those chapters are the range of models, build quality, flexibility with complex areas, and total cutting time. Click one of the links below for a quick jump to the titled section.

  1. Build Quality
  2. Range of models
  3. Flexibility to deal with complex areas
  4. Total cutting time (A very important and often overlooked consideration)

Build quality

When you purchase a robotic lawnmower that mows your garden for more than six months of the year in all weather conditions, you want to be sure your investment holds up and stands the test of time. Both Ambrogio and Husqvarna are high-quality brands made from premium, high-grade materials - more so than most other brands. Unfortunately, giving each mower the 'eye test' won't tip you off to which is better quality. Just a glance at the mowers won't tell you much about the build quality. For a better look at the build quality of both mower brands, take a look at the video below provided by The Robot Mower. Remember to not just look at the area they will cover but also the number of hours they need to be scheduled for to cover that area.

Husqvarna Automower 450X vs Ambrogio L250i Elite S+

Have a look at the Ambrogio L250i Elite S+

Range of models

Model Sched. Hours Max. Area Make
105 14 600 Husqvarna
305 11 600 Husqvarna
405X 22 600 Husqvarna
415X 24 1,500 Husqvarna
430X 24 3,200 Husqvarna
435 AWD 24 3,500 Husqvarna
450X 24 5,000 Husqvarna
Twenty Deluxe 10 700 Ambrogio
Twenty Elite 11 1,000 Ambrogio
Twenty Elite S+ 12.5 1,300 Ambrogio
Twenty 25 Elite* 13 1,800 Ambrogio
Twenty 29 Deluxe* 14 2,500 Ambrogio
Twenty 29 Elite* 15 3,500 Ambrogio
QUAD 11 3,500 Ambrogio
4.0 Elite 14 3,500 Ambrogio
4.36 Elite 18.5 6,000 Ambrogio
L400 B 14 10,000 Ambrogio
L400 Deluxe 17 20,000 Ambrogio

Currently, Ambrogio has a slightly larger range of domestic models than Husqvarna. To be exact, Ambrogio has (as of 2022) 11 models, versus Husqvarna's 7 models. This might not matter to some and doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other. It simply puts Ambrogio at a slight advantage as far as variety is concerned. The latest (2022) Ambrogio robot mowers provide the latest technology across its models (apart from the L60). It has 4 models that cater for 3500 sq. m. and above (up to 20,000 sq. m.) whilst Husqvarna has 2 models with a maximum of 5000 sq. m.

Flexibility to deal with complex areas

When it comes to installation, a Husqvarna perimeter wire installation is comparable to an Ambrogio installation. However, the key difference is how the mower traverses and navigates to different zones in your lawn, and how they find their way back to the charging base/station. The Husqvarna uses separate guide wires that it follows to find each area whereas the Ambrogio uses the perimeter wire. If your garden has a complex layout with a number of adjoined areas, then Husqvarna can handle up to 3 additional areas on their largest machine. However, several Ambrogio models can handle up to 7 additional areas. Simply put, the Ambrogio models can handle more complex areas, pathing, gated areas, etc. The Husqvarna model is more limited in this aspect, leading users to have to creatively figure out ways to get more coverage.

Total Cutting Time

The total cutting time is very important. If you overlook this aspect when making your decision, you could end up with a situation where your mower is constantly working all day. This means less time for you to enjoy your garden and more wear and tear on your robot. All robot lawnmower manufacturers quote the total area that a specific model can cover. What's challenging to find out is how long it takes to cut that area, as a mower will cut and charge multiple times throughout the day. The important thing is not how much it will cut in one charge but how many hours a day is required to ensure that the whole area is covered each week. For example, the Husqvarna 450X has a maximum capacity of 5000 m² but, it will require the machine to run for almost 24 hours every day, not a problem unless the mower doesn’t mow for a day (or even for a few hours). The problem really comes to light in periods of high growth when the mower won’t be able to keep up. Ambrogio does have an advantage in this area and a comparable machine would do the same area a lot quicker. This is due to several factors but a major one is the fact that Ambrogio have much stronger motors & cutting strength, enabling it to very comfortably deal with thicker grass and high grow rates.

Husqvarna Automower 430X vs Ambrogio 4.0 Elite

Husqvarna Automower 310 & 315 vs Ambrogio Twenty

Ambrogio QUAD First Look - an Husqvarna 435X alternative

Ready to get started?

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